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TSG - 2019
Project: Web Design Full-Stack Dev: Austin Pickett

The Shooting Guy provides basketball training to passionate players looking to up their game with NBA Coach Rob Fodor.

The Shooting Guy program was designed with every level player in mind, the program is time tested and data-proven. Rob's goal is to teach players to learn forwards, not backwards and learn how to shoot for good.

TSG’s main priority was initially to make some changes to their existing website. After our first meeting they decied it was time to define some new branding and build a whole new site.

The idea was to create a site which would entice possible new learners across the globe. After a few meet and greets with the TSG team we were ready to kickoff...

Our objectives were to define new design guidelines and implement code in a span of four months. A few of the design challenges were finding the right design direction in a relatively short amount of time, deciding upon custom a final design and LMS as well as the hooking in extras (social stories, patreon, discord, drip email, merch, etc.) in all the right areas.

We really looked to implement a full on strategic framework in order to successfully tackle the project, utilizing the double diamond method: Discover, Define, Design, Develop. We used a variety of UI/UX techniques, culminating in a five day design sprint with the client and then a month of develop/test before launch. Check out the...

final site.

A fresh look can really mean the difference for a brand.

Rob and Walt at TSG said they couldn't have gotten to the level they have wihout this big step forward. TSG hosts clinics worldwide in Miami, Greece and Finland. Look them up if you’re in town and looking to shoot.

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January 2020 —

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