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TB12 - 2017
Project: Design DirectionManufacturer: Purple Carrot

TB12 is the athletic brand powerhouse run by Tom Brady. Focusing on fit living for a healthier life.

TB12 collaborates with Purple Carrot, a nationwide weekly meal-prep delivery-box.

Excited at the opportunity, I began working closely with the TB12 team to kick off a few rounds of iterations for the delivery-box. They asked me to design the newsletter and monthly recipe book.

One of the best parts about this project was designing for effortless editing after handoff.

Front Cover

One of the more complex elements to design was the mutable cover, six variations was enough to project them through 2 years.


With a more than a couple variations on page layout, the recipe book and newsletter fit the brand and allow for a variety of offerings.

TB12 is the GOAT, and their design is leading the way.

They wanted a unique package and gave me free reign over the creative direction and execution of the project. They were ecstatic with what I delivered.

Please check out Purple Carrot and their Weekly Meal Deliveries, eat like Brady and get launched.

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