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Pipeline Capital - 2020*
Project: Front-End Development

*Still in design phase

Pipeline Capital is a Venture Capital firm in Boston.

With simplicity, flexibility and maintainability in mind; we're working together to build a uniquely surfable website.

Powered by a Webflow CMS back-end the website will be easy to manage and update for Dennis and his team.

There are several customizable content blocks that can be added and rearranged to present case studies in a meaningful way.

Mobile home and navigation
A fully featured mobile experience.

Inline autoplaying videos and animations can be seen on the home and about pages.

The animated mobile navigation keeps the mobile experience feeling fast and fluid.

Pipeline Capital has some of the top clients in the Boston area.

It is very exciting to partner with such an easy going, welcoming group of investors.

If you're ever in need of some business advice, be sure to give them a shout. Learn about how Dennis the CEO has mastered the arts at, Squid Ink Gallery.

Like this project and want to chat about what I could do for you? Hit me up!

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January 2020 —

Remotely, BOS

Development —
  • Design direction
  • Branding development
  • Trend forecasting
  • Design consulting
Dan Murphy —
  • Design Generalist
Austin Pickett —
  • Full-stack Developer