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318 Lincoln - 2018
Project: Branding - Graphic Design

318 Lincoln is pioneering new avenues in the Boston area.

Zach Richards changed the game when he opened a moped dealership under the same roof as his powder coating shop.

For Pike Powder Coating he wanted a brand that allowed for customers to learn about the process in a retro-inspired series of brochures and graphics.

Pike Cycles could be a bit more bleeding edge, inspired by swap meets and rally culture, odd balls and punks.

The opportunity for hand drawn graphics on flyers, shirts and posters is always exciting.

Both brands are linked together by font and illustration style, yet they are allowed to express the 'business up front / party in the back' nature 318 Lincoln thrives on.

Finding someone that can not only bring expertise and technical ability but also creativity to enhance the experience is hard to find. But Dan does just that.

When we work with him, we aren't just handing off a direction and waiting for him to implement it. We collaborated throughout the process and the end result was better than what we initially thought was possible.

On top of that, he’s an awesome dude, hard worker and fun to be around.

— Zach Richards, Owner, Pike Powder Coating + Pike Cycles

Pike Cycles has won consecutive moped of the year awards.

I wanted to develop a graphical presence just as impressive. Through modern takes on Cash 4 Gold advertisements and 70’s informational brochures, the boys said I’ve delivered.

Even if you’re not in the market for a fresh coat of paint you should still pop into 318 Lincoln sometime to see what they’re wrenching on. Always a trip.

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