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New Balance - 2018
Project: 3d Modeling & Production

New Balance is a world renound footwear manufacturer in Boston.

With high expectations I pushed through a summer design sprint to develop and bring life to the next version in their 990 series, forthcoming 2020.


The project is still locked by NDA - Q1 2019.

However I can hint that I worked on procedural simulations in Houdini which I 3d printed for review. Pictured above is v4.

The footwear industry still works quite a bit in high density foam, and it was fun to bring some portions of the design to life on a vertical mill.

Simply put Dan can take a good design and turn it into something great.

He is one of those unique people that can think both creatively and analytically to make projects that are inherently performative and built to inspire.

More importantly he is a great guy with a good nature driven by the details.

— Dave, Model Operations Officer, New Balance

New Balance, a powerhouse that's been pushing athletes to their potential for over 113 years.

Everyone knows the brand and the time-tested dedication it stands for. More updates upon release...

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