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KITH NYC - 2016
Project: Retail Design Manufacturer: Pike Powder Coating

KITH is a multifunctional lifestyle brand in NYC.

The SOHO store was designed with sharp lines, angles and acquired nonchalance. It’s goal is to place iconic streetwear on a pedestal for a fast, precise, and moody feel.

KITH’s main priority for in-store branding solutions was to create supernormal signage with swappable text that matched the environment. A second project concluded with some window display concepts involving holographic heat-formed riot shields.

A few of the design challenges were finding the right moments for signage to highlight the store displays, deciding upon semi-permanent joinery solutions as well as the proper materials in just the right areas.

All of this while still being secondary to the product and looking great with any brand. The family of signage encourages the guest to find what they’re looking for, and provide a nice flow between product.

The best part of KITH is the people who stand behind the counter.

They are a small and friendly bunch of knowledgable individuals.

KITH is known to host huge collaboration events in NYC, MIA and LA. And they make a really good cereal if you’re ever in Brooklyn. Look them up if you’re in town.

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